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Alessi Moka by David Chipperfield DC06


Designed by the architect David Chipperfield, "Moka" is a tribute to Italy's favorite espresso coffee maker and its inventor, Alfonso Bialetti, Alberto Alessi's maternal grandfather. Invented in the early 1900s, the first espresso coffee maker revolutionized the way coffee was made. With "Moka", Alessi offers an original interpretation of a timeless icon, created by Chipperfield with the aim of it becoming a popular, simple, familiar object just like the first espresso coffee maker invented at the beginning of the last century.

Following the amazing success of “Moka”, here is a version of the espresso coffee maker with a magnetic base, suitable for all heat sources, including induction hobs. Fitted with a double funnel filter, “Moka” can be used to prepare espresso coffee as well as standard filter coffee.

Characteristics / suggested use

- AISI 430 magnetic steel base

- Suitable for all heat sources, including induction hobs

- To make espresso coffee and standard filter coffee. The coffee maker contains two funnels: a standard one for espresso coffee and the other for filter coffee. Using an appropriate ground coffee blend, you can prepare standard filter coffee, introducing the same quantity of water in the coffee maker.

- For when you don't want to compromise on the intense flavor of a coffee made in an espresso coffee maker

- For a small, yet intense, daily ritual

- Delight and relax the senses, treat yourself or enjoy in company

- Made in aluminum / Made in die-cast aluminum

- Grey thermoplastic resin handle

- Brass valve

- Spout designed for precision pouring, cuts cleanly through the drop

- Comfortable handle

- Practical knob

- Base optimizes heat transmission and stabilizes the coffee maker on the worktop

- Wash under running water and dry carefully. Do not use detergents. Do not wash in the dishwasher

- A tribute to the espresso coffee maker that revolutionized how we prepare coffee

- A tribute to Italy's favorite coffee maker and its inventor

- A popular, simple, familiar object

- A familiar yet simultaneously innovative object

- An eleven-sided coffee maker

- Flat lid serves as a surface to rest and warm cups before use

- Side knob for easy, one-handed lid lifting

- Standard spare parts: funnel, seal and microfilter