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Jura Milk System Maintenance - How to clean your frother

Jura Milk System Maintenance - How to clean your frother

Your Jura coffee machine makes the process of cleaning your Milk System very simple. After making your milk drinks, after a preset time, you will be prompted to RINSE the milk system. The latest machines (e.g. the Jura Z10) do this automatically, 8 minutes after the last preparation.

At the end of EVERY day during which milk drinks have been made, you must CLEAN the milk system, using the automated process and adding one 3 gram dose of the Jura milk system cleaning mini tablets. This exercise is essential with all Jura machines that have a frother, although the latest machines have a more simplified and hands-free process. But it cannot be over emphasized how important this is, to avoid blockages, issues with delivering hot milk and/or foam, and not forgetting for hygiene reasons. Your barista at the coffee shop will confirm that it is part of their daily routine.

Occasionally it might be advantageous to dismantle the frother and soak the parts in cleaning solution, depending on the type of milk used, fat content, etc. It will be evident, if your Jura fails to deliver sufficient foam or if milk spurts out of the spout, rather than pouring smoothly.

The food-rated Jura silicone milk tube is automatically cleaned during the milk system cleaning process. However, perhaps depending on the type of milk used (dairy, plant based, fat content, etc.) it is wise to examine it from time to time. Brushes can be purchased, designed to clean reusable drink straws, etc., that do help remove any deposits that may be the result of milk resting in the tube for too long a period. Jura recommend silicone tubes be replaced about every 3 months.

There are also videos available for most of the latest model machines, showing how to dismantle the frother for soaking and cleaning. Information can also be found in your Jura manual, a printed copy of which came in your machine's welcome pack. Jura manuals are also available online.

Jura E8 Milk System Cleaning Video (others available)


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