Jura Clearyl filters protect your investment. But that's not all.

Jura Clearyl filters protect your investment. But that's not all.

Perfect water, Perfect coffee...

The question often arises, "Should I use a filter in my new Jura coffee machine?". There are many reasons why it is advisable to do so. First and foremost, it protects your investment. "But I have a system installed in my home" you say. Well that reverse osmosis system, water softener, or cartridge filter may not do what is required to ensure a perfect cup of coffee. Jura say, "the water hardness may fluctuate a lot even if using a descaling system. This is often due to the regeneration quality, which is unknown. What's more, softeners do not remove substances with a smell and taste, such as chlorine, from the mains water."

Coffee contains 98% water. In addition to calcium, minerals and fluorides, the mains water in many areas contains traces of lead, copper, aluminium and chlorine. Water quality and water hardness vary from place to place and depending on the time of day. With the formula Jura have developed, the Jura Clearyl filter cartridges are ideally suited to mains water anywhere. 

What is more, the water that has passed through a Jura Clearyl filter is optimized for coffee. Some calcium (hardness) is required for good coffee. That is why distilled water is not recommended. neither is bottled mineral water, since that has high mineral content, by definition.

Here are the current filters for your Jura.

72629 Clearyl Smart Gray
(For GIGA 6, Z10, Z8, Z6, J6, S8, E8, E6, D6, ENA8, ENA4)
25032 Clearyl Smart Mini (For ENA8, ENA4 - also take 72629)
71445 Clearyl Blue
(For GIGA 5, Z9, Z7, J95, J90, J9.3, F8, F7, C9, C60, C65, A9, ENA 9, ENA Micro 90 etc.
F50 Classic, A9, A1
64553 Clearyl White
(For S9, S7 (original model), S8 (vintage model), S9 Classic, Z5, XS90, C1000, C3000, and other vintage models)
70447 Clearyl PRO Blue
(For GIGA X7/ W3, XJ9)
24000 Clearyl PRO Smart Gray
(For WE8, WE6 and X8)
(7520 Claris and 7525 Claris now discontinued)

N.B Except for the last 2 mentioned above, CLARIS filters are not legally sold in the USA. The "Claris" trademark is NOT licensed to Jura to be marketed with other filters in America. Only in Europe and the rest of the world. 

Also be aware of generic filters that are not manufactured to the same exacting standards as Jura Swiss filters.

Your Jura Clearyl filter is designed to do its job, for up to 50 litres of water passing through, or a maximum of two months. Remember all the water that is used counts, so you should minimize the number of power up, power down rinses that occur. 

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