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The NEW Coffee-4-me gold Titanium Coffee Filter

gold titanium coffee filter

Back in the very early days of my career, I used to enjoy stopping by the Danish Food Centre in Manchester (UK) on regular business trips. I was a recent convert to coffee, having been raised as a true English tea drinker. Our Viking friends served coffee in their restaurant in an individual gadget that sat on top of the cup. It was cool, but above all the coffee was outstanding.
Fast forward many years, having moved to Texas, we started to sell a similar gadget in our store. It became popular, both in-store and online, but some time later, the vendor discontinued it.
As luck would have it, we were able to connect with the design engineer in Switzerland who owned the patents. We decided to give it a new life.

The Designandgrace™ Coffee-4-me gold filter is now available on our website. Light in weight, so very portable, it sits on top of your cup and enables a great cup of black coffee to be ready to drink in 2-3 minutes.

Here's how! First warm your cup or mug and then set the 3 part filter on top. Remove the lid, and the regulator. Add medium ground coffee according to taste and replace the regulator. Pour hot water (around 200F) into the regulator and cover with the lid. In a very short time, when the regulator is empty, your coffee is ready. Use the lid as a coaster and set the filter aside. Enjoy!!

The Coffee-4-me filter is uniquely coated in gold titanium. Why is that, you may ask? The most important reasons as as follows. The base material is stainless steel, which has a percentage nickel content. To be food safe, the steel alloy has to be such that nickel does not leech in contact with food and liquids. The gold titanium plating ensure that it is totally safe. And you can be sure that all other materials used (plastics) are non-absorbent and BPA-free, as well as being recyclable. The Coffee-4-me filter is tested to Swiss and EU standards.

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