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The Best Coffee Machine - What is best for YOU?

Jura Z10 coffee machine

We all want “the best”. The best home, the best car, the best vacation, and when it comes to coffee, the best machine. 
But what exactly is “the best” coffee machine and how do I know what is best for you?

I have been in what is referred to as the "housewares industry" for more years than I care to say. I have made it a goal to never knowingly sell someone something that I wasn’t sure they needed, or that they didn’t really passionately desire. Having been resident in the US for over 20 years and a citizen for the majority of those, I’ve become used to the up-sell. It bugs me. Sales people are trained and encouraged to look for those extra dollars in the deal, for add-ons the customer never even wanted. 

When it comes to coffee machines, the ere are some basic questions to ask. How much coffee is drunk in your home? Are you espresso or black coffee lovers, or do you favor those fancy named lattes the barista at the coffee shop makes for you (when the person upsells you from your basic flat white)? And finally, ask yourself how much space do you have in your kitchen? And not least of all, what is your budget?

There are Jura coffee machines for all situations but, truth to tell, you don’t have to buy something that has a bunch of features you will never use. Even if that is the latest model with all the new technology and bells & whistles. 

So be careful and ask your seller questions. Good dealers who spend time with you and have real knowledge are essential. And they are out there. We know, we’ve been selling Jura machines now for over 18 years ourselves. 

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