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Capresso 0 3-pack Charcoal Water Filters


  • REPLACEMENT FILTER: For Capresso coffee makers MT900 (498); MG900 (497); MT600 PLUS (485); MG600 PLUS (484); MT600 (445); MG600 (444); CM300 (475); CM200 (476); MT500 (440); MT500 PLUS (441); Elegance Coffee TEAM models #451, #452, #453, #454
  • CLEAN WATER: Charcoal filter cartridge removes up to 82% of the chlorine and other impurities found in tap water
  • BETTER TASTE: Significantly improves the taste of the water and coffee
  • EASY INSTALLATION: Replace filter in water tank every six weeks or after 60 pots of coffee, whichever comes first